A New Job, With Gratitude

I have a lovely bit of good news I’ve been meaning to share with you. You might not think it is the most fun or exciting thing, because it involves work. But for me, it is a game changer.

I have a new job. A full-time office job. For the first time in nine years.

Perhaps you got the slightest hint, during those nine years (many of which I was writing this blog), that self-employment was, well, exhausting. And financially…challenging.

It also was amazing and wonderful and the best decision I’ve ever made in my life (up until now!), because I took a risk—a lot of risks really—and the rewards were huge. I got to pursue a dream (that I didn’t really even know I had) of being a farmer, I got to write books, I got to manage my own schedule, I got to burrow into my new community. All while living on this Island, which has turned out to be the biggest reward of all.


For better or worse, I am now ridiculously attached to this place, in a visceral way. Mostly it has to do with the immediacy of nature; once you step out your door you are in it completely. The other-worldly curtain of grey fog on an emerald field, the mirage of sparkly ocean that glistens just around the bend, the clear black night sky hole-punched with infinitely luminous patterns of starlight.

That kind of attachment makes it hard to leave a place, even when you know it is time to realign with the real world.

Which is why I am so grateful to have my new job as an editor at the Vineyard Gazette Media Group, publishers of the 170-year-old award-winning Vineyard Gazette newspaper and Martha’s Vineyard magazine (where I have contributed food pieces for many years). As special projects editor, I’ve got a bunch of creative editing and writing challenges to work on, starting with editing a publication called the Vine which began as a supplement to the paper and now stands alone as something closer to a magazine. With my long career (pre freelance!) in magazine editing, it’s a good fit.


There are so many wonderful things about my new job, starting with my smart and friendly coworkers and my fantastic boss, but I thought for now I’d just show you some pictures of the office,  an  historic house which was added on to over the years (the newspaper presses are on the first floor), and of the neighborhood. It is pretty cool. (Top photo is the front of the office; the next photo is the side/back entrance; the  photo directly above is the view of the harbor at the end of the street; the middle photo is the plaque next to the front door of the office.)

As much as I love the rural end of the Island where I live, coming to work in the picturesque New England village of Edgartown is kind of a kick. (Or at least it has been this spring; I’m sure my attitude will change with summer traffic!) It certainly beats other office buildings I’ve inhabited.

To add to the fun, my office space is actually the archive room, so I am surrounded by bound copies of old newspapers, old books, and a treasure trove filing cabinet of newspaper clippings organized alphabetically by last name (Belushi, Clinton, Kennedy, along with Luce, Mayhew, Silva, etc.). (I also have a nice view out my window!)

You are  probably wondering, and the answer is no.

No, I am not giving up on my vegetable growing operation completely (and certainly not on cooking)—I’m far too stubborn for that. I have had a stern talk with myself though about making the farmette a much lower priority for this year. But since I built a lot of infrastructure here last year, it only makes sense to use it. So I am planting mostly tomatoes, flowers and beans, and will harvest and open the farm stand Friday-Sunday. I hope that will work out. I did say I was going to wear less hats, but I am a slow learner.

On instagram I use these hashtags: #sixburnersuecooks #sixburnersuegrows #sixburnersuewrites. We’ll just have to add a fourth one: #sixburnersuehasarealjob

61 thoughts on “A New Job, With Gratitude”

  1. Congratulations Susie. I admire your continued resilience. Your passions shine through in everything you do.

  2. Thank you Isabel! I just try to keep moving forward–it’s better than the alternative!

  3. Susie- It all sounds like your dream come true and in such a picturesque place – it is easy to see why you love it. I wish you all the best in your new job which I have no doubt that you will be tremendously successful at-: when you love what you do in a place that you love, all is right with the world.!
    Take care , Keep in touch, Always rooting for you, Shirley

  4. Oh, Susie, how wonderful. My husband and I used to sail to the Vineyard for a week at a time. For a few years we subscribed to the Gazette, hoping one day to leave the mainland and live there. He died in 2009 and i sold the boat, since it needed a good captain, not just a not-too-competent crew like me. I will continue to live your life vicariously by subscribing again. And to love your books and continue to share your recipes with my readers.

  5. Big congrats, Susie. Glad to learn about this exciting new chapter in your life!

  6. Congratulations! How wonderful for them – and for us readers- to have you there, too!

  7. Lee, I so appreciate all your support and will keep sending Vineyard vibes your way!

  8. Hello to my favorite, best, and only godmother!!! You have always been so supportive and I greatly appreciate it. I miss you and hope to see you on a DC visit! love, susie

  9. Been following you, Susie, since you did a talk at the West Tisbury library introducing your new cookbook, Fresh from the Farm. Your personal journey and your wonderful recipes
    have made me a follower ever since. I think working at the Gazette is a perfect fit for you!
    Carol Martin

  10. Oh, Susie your new job sounds like a dream come true! Congratulations and the best of luck. xo

  11. Congratulations on your new position Susie! It sounds like interesting work, in an equally interesting space. All the best!

  12. Thank you so much Carol. I will see you around this summer I am sure!

  13. Yes, that’s true Leslie. I’m enjoying your postings–such beautiful work you do!

  14. A new book and a new job. Sounds like you are having a great year. Congrats on both and best of luck with the new job. It will be a great way to meet lots more people.

  15. Congratulations! Being a freelancer IS hard work. I’ve been thinking of rejoining office life, too, but it’s hard to give up setting your own schedule. I look forward to your posts on your new work!

  16. I could not be happier for you! Sorry for us though (had hoped to find a way to work together on all things Edible:-) Our loss for sure! Huge congrats and I hope we see you when we get out your way this fall.

  17. Susie — As soon as I saw the photo of the Gazette, I thought, OMG, Susie’s going to work there! I can’t imagine a better “real” job. Congratulations!!!

  18. Hi Susie,
    I cannot think of a more perfect fit for you! I am so glad to hear that you found Another outlet for your creativity and staying on the Vineyard. I will look forward to your journey and your beautiful posts.! Xo

  19. Congrats Susie! Welcome to Edgartown ❤️ . My dad was born at home in the house across the street from your new office. Delivered at home by a midwife before Summer Street was paved. I lived for the first 18 years of my life within a block or 3. It was a good life. No complaints!

  20. Thank you Andrea. I am really happy to get to stay out here. And hey, I saw some beautiful photos of your garden on Instagram–of course it didn’t surprise me with your talent, but still it was so lovely to see!

  21. SUE!! No kidding! That is such a great story about your Dad. That is such a beautiful house. And you spending all your time right there. It truly is beautiful. And you will have to give me some Edgartown pointers!

  22. THat is too funny Deb! Yes, I am! Hope you’re well–where are you now?

  23. Thanks Kate. Sometimes it does seem like a lot of effort to keep moving forward, but gotta do it!!!

  24. Tracey, I would have loved to be on your team. We will find a way to work together on something again before too many moons! And thank you. Would love to see you and Carole.

  25. Congratulations Susie. I hope this new job turns out to be everything you want it to and then some. Good luck wearing all your outstanding hats.

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