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Simple Green Suppers: A Fresh Strategy For One-Dish Vegetarian Meals (Roost Books, April 2017) Paperback ($24.95)

Here’s the ultimate game plan for eating complete one-dish vegetarian suppers every night. Discover the pro-veggie, pro-flavor way to prepare fresh, healthy, high-quality plant-based dinners. In Simple Green Suppers, Susie Middleton demonstrates how to prepare seasonal vegetables in satisfying, filling suppers by pairing them with staple ingredients: noodles, grains, beans, greens, toast, tortillas, eggs, and broth. How you cook your veggies and how you combine them with other satisfying whole foods is the secret to delicious results. With 125 recipes for flavorful and veggie-forward dishes, tips on keeping a flexible and well-stocked pantry, and make-ahead and streamlining strategies, Simple Green Suppers is an essential resource that will make cooking delicious, easy vegetarian meals possible every night.

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Fresh From the Farm: A Year of Recipes and Stories, by Susie Middleton (The Taunton Press, Feb. 2014) Hardback ($28)


Part cookbook, part memoir, Fresh from the Farm chronicles a year in Susie Middleton’s life on a little Martha’s Vineyard farm. With 125 seasonal recipes, 200+ photos, an engaging narrative, and an appendix of garden designs, Fresh From the Farm has it all.

Inspired by the veggies and fruits that Susie grew on Green Island Farm, recipes include desserts like Gingery Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Brown Sugar-Pecan Topping and Libby’s Lemon-Blueberry Buckle; main dishes like Spicy Thai Shrimp and Baby Bok Choy Stir-Fry and Winter Green Market Meatloaf; as well as Susie’s signature starters and sides like Grill-Roasted Fingerlings with Rosemary, Lemon, Sea Salt  & Fresh Corn Vinaigrette, and Southwestern Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Farm Stand Veggies.

Fresh From the Farm was chosen as one the TOP 100 Best Books of the Year by NPR in 2014.

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The Fresh & Green Table, by Susie Middleton (Chronicle Books, 2012), Paperback ($24.95)

398419_3289921405726_582422430_nThis popular follow-up to Susie’s first book, Fast, Fresh & Green (see below), moves veggies to the center of the plate. Keeping in mind that everyone (not just vegetarians) wants to eat more vegetables, these delicious recipes are organized by the kind of main dishes everyone wants to eat: soups, salads, pizzas, tarts, gratins, egg dishes, grain dishes, sautés, and more. With delicious veggie “main-dishes,” there’s no reason you can’t have a smaller portion of meat on the “side” if you’re an omnivore!

Sample recipes: Greek-Spinach Salad Pasta with Feta, Olives, Artichokes & Pepperoncini; Chile Rice with Green Beans and Toasted Pecans; Potato Carpaccio Pizza; Nine-Layer Grilled Vegetable Salad;  Mediterranean Tomato, Zucchini and Bell Pepper Tian; Sizzling Veggie Fried Rice. Susie’s signature detailed recipes (they work!) illustrate great basic techniques that you can take away and use to create your own veggie mains if you like.

Like Susie’s first book, The Fresh & Green Table was chosen as an NPR top pick of the summer in 2012 and went on to be featured in multiple media spots.

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Fast, Fresh & Green, by Susie Middleton (Chronicle Books, 2010),  Paperback ($24.95)


If you want to put more delicious vegetables on your plate every day, Fast, Fresh & Green is for you. Uniquely organized by technique, the 90 everyday recipes not only yield delicious results, but teach you the secrets to cooking vegetables well.  Chapters include “Quick-Roasting,” “Quick-Braising,” “Hands-on Sauteing,” “Walk-Away Sauteing,” “Two-Stepping,” “No Cooking,” “Stir-Frying,” “Grilling,” and “Baking Gratins.”

Recipes like Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Orange Butter Sauce, Sweet Potato Mini-Fries with Limey Dipping Sauce, Mahogany Mushrooms, Corn Saute with Chile and Lime, Sauteed Broccoli with Mellow Garlic & Thyme, and Tuscan Kale with Maple, Ginger and Pancetta have made Fast, Fresh & Green a classic go-to cookbook.

Fast, Fresh & Green has sold more than 50,000 copies (paperback and digital combined). It was chosen as one of NPR’s top picks of the summer in 2010 and went on to be featured in People Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Fine Cooking Magazine, The Boston Globe, the Martha Stewart Television Show and many other spots. (You can read over 100 reviews of Fast, Fresh & Green on Amazon.)

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  1. A friend sent me your link
    I shouldn’t look at your website It makes my mouth water!
    Were neighbors of sorts My wife has a family home off of Music Street ( Bob & Maggie Schwartz)
    And the person who married us lives on one of the plots That Allen W sold after Everett passed away
    He is also your first selectman

    Hope to meet you next summer

  2. Dear Susie –
    Just sat down to start reading the new book – after making the Roasted Tomato Tart! – and we are feeling very honored to be mentioned on your Acknowledgements page!
    Wow! Thank you so much !
    Don and Susan

  3. Don and Susan, Both Roy and I have so much appreciated all your support of the farm and our pursuits! Hope you enjoyed the tart and happy cooking–and reading!!

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