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The Cows of Martha’s Vineyard, or What We Do For Fun Around Here


This is a bull. His name is Ziggy. Handsome, huh?


He lives at the Farm Institute in Katama. His job is to make more cows. Good life.


This is a young calf. Don’t know his name, so we’ll call him Junior. Junior lives at Morning Glory Farm. I’m sure it may seem strange to you, but one of our favorite family activities is cruising around the Island looking for cute (or handsome animals), especially in early Spring. So for Libby’s last day of spring break, we hopped in the car and went cow cruising. We were on our way to Katama when we passed the Morning Glory Farm cows out and about. We stopped to meet this calf, who Libby immediately took a liking too.


They had a chat.


And a pat.

DSC_0023 While Libby was talking to Junior, I went over to say hi to Donald Sutherland. He was completely unimpressed by my curiosity. Yeah.


 LIsten, I’m busy, he finally said to me. Can’t you see that?


So we drove on to the Farm Institute, met Ziggy, and then checked out the sheep, hoping for lamb sitings.




DSC_0064Bunny, nice to meet you.

DSC_0096Oh, now we’re talking. Little bitty guy.

DSC_0071Even littler! A baby goat. Hey Kid! Had a hard time dragging Libby away from him.

DSC_0110Though once she met this fellow, all was well.

DSC_0101In fact, as I followed my two animal lovers out of the barn, I heard some talk about getting a goat or two, maybe just a couple female pygmy goats…in the fall maybe. Dad promised daughter. I heard it. It’s a done deal. Oh my.

DSC_0144Bye Ziggy. You’re cute, but I guess we’re goat people.