Labor Day Already? Five Things To Do With All Those Tomatoes

How does it happen that it’s Labor Day weekend already? I don’t know where the hour, the day, the week, the month, the summer went. I just know I’m exhausted.

This week I spent two days recording 50 new 1-minute “recipe-lets” for WGBH Boston and Fine Cooking magazine. (You can listen—and giggle if you want—to one I recorded last spring here.) This time I recorded them at the lovely WCAI Cape and Islands NPR radio station in Woods Hole. That meant just a short hop on the ferry for me, without the drive to Boston added on. Nevertheless, those two days came and went in a blur, and then I jumped on some overdue recipe developing—and forgot completely about my blog this week!

Now here it is Friday and, already, the afternoon. Um, correction, evening. I tried to start writing this about six hours ago, but got a call to return to the clinic (waiting lines are long for doctors around here, especially in August, so you get on a list, they take your number, and call you back.) I have a nagging cough mixed with horrendous seasonal allergy. (As luck would  have it, I am allergic to my favorite place in the world—the outdoors—especially this time of year. And breathing is becoming an issue!)

It would have been smarter to get up early and make a beeline for the clinic, but of course I’m busy every morning harvesting and getting the farm stand set up. Probably I could do a much faster job of setting up if I didn’t stop to fuss over the veggies like I do—or run inside to get the camera to take pictures, like I did today. The farm stand looked so pretty this morning that I had to snap a few pics before putting the sign out. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before a stream of cars came down the driveway (traffic is certainly up for the holiday weekend), and the flowers were gone and most of the green beans. I wish I had a magic hat from which to pull more green beans.

But there are still plenty of tomatoes, and I thought I’d better explain that our tomatoes were not a total disaster this year. My friend Eliza read last week’s blog and called me up, worried that the tomato problems were catastrophic. Really, with all the things that have befallen the plants, it’s amazing that we’re still harvesting a lot of fruit. I’m not sure what we’d have done with them all if we’d gotten a bigger yield. As it is I have two sheet trays of tomatoes on the kitchen table that aren’t sellable, but aren’t quite chicken food yet. I’ve been meaning to make and freeze marinara, but I need a clone or a kitchen assistant in order to get that done. (I’m kinda thinking, well, Libby’s ten now, maybe handling a sharp knife would be okay. Nah, I think not. Besides, she’s on egg patrol. Actually, she’s waiting for me to finish this so we can all go get lobster rolls for dinner up in Menemsha!)

I am thinking maybe there are more than a few of you out there with a glut (or just a bounty) of tomatoes on your hands this Labor Day, so I thought I’d pass along five of my favorite things to do with them. In short, they are Bruschetta, Bread Salad, Pasta, Veggie Gratin and Roasting. (And more roasting, of course.) I’d offer up more ideas (many favorites over at, but the sun is setting, August is almost over, and one last lobster roll is calling.

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Already? Five Things To Do With All Those Tomatoes”

  1. Hi Susie,
    Have been a devoted follower of your blog for the past 3 yrs ever since Heather introduced me to it when she was designing my site.
    We are on island this weekend and would love to stop by your stand.
    Are you across from the old Ag hall?

  2. Hi Marie — We are across from the New Ag Hall — 844 State road. (you’ll see the blackboard sign).We are here (if a little crazed!) and so introduce yourself if you come by!! Would love to meet you. Thanks, Susie

  3. Hi Susie – Sorry I missed you today when I stopped by – the cherry tomatoes are delicious! Roy gave me a tour – it was great to see the farm in person after reading about it for so long! Hope to meet you the next time I stop by.

  4. Hi Marie — So sorry to have missed you and I hope we’ll meet sometime. I hope you weren’t too disappointed–as you can see, we still have a lot of work to do here, but we are ambitious! Wish you could have seen the garden before all the tomatoes went south, but that’s how it goes. I’m glad Roy got to give you the penny tour!! Take care, Susie

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