These Are The Days

Lest you think we are all farm and no play around here…Yesterday we took advantage of a 24-hour visit from Libby and the most beautiful day we’ve seen in months and headed up to the clay cliffs at Gay Head for a spectacular beach walk.  My Iphone ran out of juice, so I didn’t get to document Libby covered in clay from head to toe. (We always forget to bring appropriate clean-up materials on this kind of walk.)

While Roy looked for arrowheads and Libby painted herself with warrior clay, I lay down in the warm sand with my face to the sun and almost fell asleep. In my head, Keith Urban’s song, These Are The Days, was playing. Partly because I was thinking, “These are the days we’ve been waiting for all through the cold mucky winter.” But also I was thinking how great it is to be present and to know that it absolutely does not get any better than it is right in that moment.

Maybe all that sunshine was going to my head—it is incredibly uplifting after all. And no doubt we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, though we tend to forget it sometimes. But no matter where you are or what the weather is this Easter weekend, I hope you find yourself walking into the light, enjoying moments with your family or friends, and remembering to take a mental snapshot of what you love most so you can conjure it up on a rainy day.

11 thoughts on “These Are The Days”

  1. Susie- Happy Easter and Happy Spring- My memories of Gay Head are being boiled by a wave at 15 when I was a visitor to Martha’s Vineyard. What a beautiful spot it truly is and I certainly did not appreciate it when I was there so it is great to have a new perspective. Love Shirley

  2. Hi Shirley–that is a vivid memory and one I might want to forget!! We are finally making our way out of a long winter–yay! Happy Easter to you, too and hope the Easter Bunny brought you something yummy! Love Susie

  3. Hi Carol,
    We are right across the street from the Ag Hall in West Tisbury–you will see our chalkboard sign!!

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about Susie! Though we haven’t had a bad winter where we were Spring surely feels right no matter where. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon and enjoying real eggs and great produce! Hope you will come for that long overdue dinner! We get back 4/22.

  5. PS Introduced friends in Santa Fe to your magic in the kitchen – they all loved the tarts and the kale gratin!

  6. Hi Susie,
    My husband and I were on island this weekend.
    We stopped by the farm stand this afternoon to pick up some of your delicious greens and eggs. We sre sorry we missed you, but enjoyed visiting with the chickens.
    Inspired by your blog post we took time away from our yard work to visit the cliffs you wrote about so eloquently in this blog post.
    Will stop by again when we are on island next in hopes of meeting you in person.
    Best, Marie

  7. Oh Dear, Marie, I’m so sorry to have missed you. I was inside writing this week’s blog while Roy and Libby went for a beach walk!! Please knock on the back door next time and introduce yourself. It’s been a busy weekend here and we are trying to squeeze in a lot–so much to do outside! So glad you got a chance to take that walk, and I do hope you enjoy your greens and eggs!

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