A Black and White Gallery of Winter Farm Photos

DSC_1525DSC_1645My neck aches from sitting in front of the computer too much. It’s all book promotion, all the time, right now, as we lead up to the publication date. So between emails and phone calls and this and that, I don’t get up and walk around enough.

DSC_1583In the afternoon, I try to do my laps around the corn field. And I did (reluctantly) help Roy clean one of the big chicken coops yesterday.


Of course, I have to walk Farmer now and then. And I feed and water the hens in the small coops first thing in the morning.


And, like a new mother checking on a sleeping baby, I always visit the hoop house, lift up the covers, and make sure the lettuce is still alive.




But about mid-morning, I need a blast of mind-clearing fresh air.


DSC_1572I use the camera as my excuse to go outside. Not a very good excuse though, since lately the light has been dingy and the colors rather cranky and evasive.


What still interests me, though, is texture and pattern.


A grey day on a farm makes you look differently at the odd mish-mash of shapes and materials that lie still in the cold, waiting for the warm day they’ll be useful again (or not).


So after I took my photos this morning, I found looking at them in black and white was much more interesting than in color. (Even the birds looked cool.) So I’m posting a gallery, just for fun. I can think of any excuse to avoid work!


11 thoughts on “A Black and White Gallery of Winter Farm Photos”

  1. I love the B/W photos..it’s really fun seeing the farm and animals that way. Thank you Susie..

  2. Makes me wish I could go out for a walk around the farm right now! It feels so familiar although I’ve never been. You really do capture it’s essence in prose and pictures.

  3. Thanks girls! (Lori it really is a very humble place and there’s always stuff all over the place PLUS right now there are big muddy ruts in the driveway (now frozen) but it’s all good!!

  4. I’d say any time you want it, you’ve got a career as a photographer. You certainly captured the texture and pattern beautifully. Recipes, tales of life on the farm, photographs…I’m happy with any. Just a pleasure to see sixburnersue.com on my email to discover what delights await. This post is very special indeed.

  5. Hey Margo, how sweet!! I wish I could devote some time to learning more about the camera–keep thinking I’ve got to do that. But I was very tickled to have some of my photos included in the new book, especially alongside those from Alexandra Grablewski, who took both the food photos and a lot of the farm photos. Really fun! Hope you’re well and see you this summer!

  6. Loved these photos and all your photos! The best – the snake. Who knew a snake could slither along a fence like that? Agree that your blog is most enjoyable and oh by the way, love the eggs!

  7. Thank you all for the nice comments–I’m sorry I missed several of them, which went into my spam folder. Since we changed the template on sixburnersue, this is happening more so I have to remember to check! But glad you all enjoyed the pics–I love black and white!

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