Blue & White and Read All Over: A Blizzard & A Book Party

DSC_2934The snowflakes that began to fall Saturday afternoon were particularly pretty—billowy and crisp and determined. They came on fast and steady, only an hour before we were due to pile all the food in the car and drive down to Bunch of Grapes bookstore. The forecast had said rain first, starting around 6. It was not even 2 o’clock and it was snowing.

Canceling the Fresh from the Farm book party wasn’t an option. Bunch of Grapes in downtown Vineyard Haven (a nice walking town) would stay open through any snowstorm, anyhow. I had made five different recipes to taste, and we’d sent all kinds of invitations out for the event. Both the Martha’s Vineyard Times and the Vineyard Gazette (as well as the Point B Realty blog) had published nice articles during the week about the book, the farm, and the signing event.


As Roy drove, I let those little negative thoughts come into my head, “Oh, no. No one will want to come out in the snow!” I said to Roy. And he chastisted me. “You wait. You’ll see.”

By the time Dawn Braasch stood up at the front of her bookstore to introduce me, every chair was full and folks were standing around the bookcases. I saw so many friendly faces, and I realized it was very bad of me to underestimate what an incredible community I stumbled into almost six years ago now. Not only did all these folks come to the event, but they withstood listening to me jabber on while a torrent of snowflakes fell outside the big glass windows behind me! Well, at least it was cozy inside (nothing like stacks of books to make you feel safe and warm), and there was food—and wine. But I still have to say thank you (here on sixburnersue is a good place, as I know some of you who were there will be reading this) to everyone for coming out in a snow storm.


DSC_2910Thinking about all this, I walked around the farm on Sunday morning with my camera. The “blizzard” did not leave us 14 inches—maybe only 6 to 8. And more importantly, it didn’t blow out power, though it did leave a lot of branches down. It also left a plucky aquamarine sky and a cool blue reflection everywhere I looked.


DSC_2920Beautiful or not, the winter is wearing on everyone. But all over the Island, and I’m sure in lots of other small communities across the snow-splattered country, there are gatherings like the one we had on Saturday, where the lights are on, the hugs are forthcoming, and the snacks are abundant.


And when all else fails, curling up at home on the couch with a good book is an antidote to all those icicles and chapped cheeks. After the event, a friend of mine, who had bought her 12-year-old daughter her first cookbook at the signing on Saturday, posted a picture of her daughter stretched out on their couch, reading Fresh from the Farm. Looking at that photo, I felt so privileged to be the author of a little girl’s first cookbook. What an honor! I hope that sweet girl has many fun and delicious cooking experiences ahead of her. But I’m pretty sure she does.

DSC_2879 P.S. If you are looking for a signed copy of Fresh from the Farm, please visit or contact Bunch of Grapes. If you want a personalized copy, I can sign it at Bunch of Grapes and they will send it to you, no matter where you are.

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 Photo above courtesy Barbara Welsh





10 thoughts on “Blue & White and Read All Over: A Blizzard & A Book Party”

  1. Susie It was a treat to see you doing what you do best. Worth every mile of driving in wind driven snow. XXXOOO

  2. I would have come out in the snow for it! Wish I lived there. Once again you’ve captured the beauty of the moments in your photos and prose. Such a great blog!

  3. Thanks Lori! You would have enjoyed it–Bunch of Grapes is a great bookstore. Take care.

  4. Even though I live way south in Tennessee, I very much enjoy your blog. I have ordered “Fresh from the Farm” and look forward to its arrival. It has some yummy sounding recipes.
    Thanks for your encouragement to everyone to “eat local”!

  5. Hi Ginger, Thanks for reading and I hope you get a kick out of the book! At least you will be getting all those delicious greens way before we do!!

  6. Would have loved to have been there Susie! I will bring my copy for you to sign next time we are on island.
    Congratulations on the publication of your 3rd book and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of MV in the winter!

  7. Hey Marie–I know we will see you at the farm stand, and I will look forward to signing your book!!

  8. Susie,
    I made the meatloaf from your last blog post (seriously good meatloaf) as our last snowstorm shut down Virginia and ordered your new cookbook immediately after. It arrived Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it cover to cover. Thank you for such a gift! Will you be at our Duke reunion in April? I’ll bring it for you to sign!! Love to see you and meet Roy and Libbie, whom I feel I know now.
    Best of luck with the new Cookbook and the rest of the winter,
    Shelly Wallace Wiltshire

  9. Hi Shelly,

    So glad you enjoyed the meatloaf and reading the book–yay! And yes, I will be at the Duke Reunion–I’m doing a presentation on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, Roy and Libby won’t be with me this time, as it is a busy time on the farm and LIbby does not have vacation then. I had hoped to show her Duke, but maybe another time! I will hope to see you there! Susie

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