A Poem for Frosty Winter Mornings

Up early the day after Thanksgiving, camera in hand to catch the frost and mist (and Roy’s new gate), I thought of this poem I wrote a few winters back. Figured I’d share it with you today for a sense of calm on a Monday morning.


Winter Relief

What use is the world


the quiet breath of winter,

that bare-branch season

of a thousand greys

and a smattering

of blood-red berries?


—Susie Middleton

4 thoughts on “A Poem for Frosty Winter Mornings”

  1. What lovely thoughts about winter, and so very true. How very dull it would be without a change in seasons.

  2. A beautiful poem for winter, I’m going to post it in my kitchen. I like winter! It’s a time when the garden has gone to sleep and I have more time to create indoors.

  3. Lovely poem Susie! It took a winter in the Bahamas to make us realize we really like having all four seasons. Thanks for sharing!

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